Tired of Skiing? Check Out the 4 Best Places to Snowshoe in Colorado

As much as we love hitting the slopes in the winter, we all need a break from the lift lines and moguls every once in a while. If you want a different way to take in the views of snow-capped peaks and pine trees, snowshoeing is the way to go.

This winter sport works tons of muscles, burns calories, and gives you plenty of time to enjoy nature. Check out our top picks for the best places to snowshoe in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park

As one of the favorite local spots for just about any outdoor activity, Rocky Mountain National Park makes it on the list of best places to snowshoe in Colorado. Head to Estes Park to kick off your adventure, where you’ll find a visitor center with all kinds of info on your snowshoeing options.

One of the claims to fame of this gorgeous location is the sheer enormity of options. You get more than 350 miles of trails to suit every adventure and fitness level.

Loch Vale

Because Rocky Mountain National Park has so many options, we wanted to mention one that is particularly awesome. Loch Vale is a wildly popular trail that has stunning views of three nearby mountains.

“Loch” is the Scottish word for “lake,” and this particular lake is surrounded by Taylor Peak, Thatchtop Mountain, and The Sharkstooth. All three peaks loom over the trail for your viewing pleasure.

Grand Mesa

Called “The Mesa” to those in the know, the Grand Mesa is a flat-topped mountain that stretches for more than 50 square miles 10,000 feet above sea level. Not only is the area big enough to be virtually secluded, but it boasts about 300 inches of snow yearly.

The Ute Indians considered the place sacred, and one glimpse of this epic marvel can tell you why. You’ll find the Grand Mesa near Grand Junction.

Deadhorse Creek Trail

As an adventure-seeker, we bet the Deadhorse Creek Trail is just up your alley. Located in the Winter Park-Fraser Valley region, Deadhorse Creek easily makes the best places to snowshoe in Colorado list for its spectacular views alone. Head up the Deadhorse Creek Loop, and you’re unlikely to run across many other travelers, leaving you alone to soak in the high-alpine vistas and dense forest areas.

If you’re tired of the slopes, strap on your snowshoes for a different kind of winter activity. When spring rolls around, give American Adventure Expeditions a call to learn more about the warm-weather adventures Colorado has in store for you.

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