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Rafting In Breckenridge

There is not a more quintessential Colorado town than Breckenridge! Breckenridge is exactly what you think of when you think of a Colorado town; nestled at the base of large mountain peaks, a walkable downtown area, plenty of outdoor adventure activities, boutique shops, and lots of locally-owned restaurants all to entertain and feed you and your family or friends. If you’re lucky enough to get to spend some time here in Breckenridge this summer, you’ll see what we mean! Once you find your ideal choice in lodging and make a few restaurant reservations, you’ll be ready to book some adventure activities for a true Colorado vacation. First on your list must be whitewater rafting! Whitewater rafting near Breckenridge is a classic Colorado adventure; the ideal summer sport for all ages and abilities. The Arkansas River is the most popular rafting…

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February 10, 2021

The Best Summer Ever!

Thank You For Everything! After an unbelievably successful summer, rafting season is over and our outposts are all packed up until spring.  Undoubtedly, the number one factor that made this season so outstanding were all the outstanding guests that joined us on an adventure.  Without the enjoyable interactions, kindhearted reviews, and positive word of mouth,…

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September 13, 2017

Inspiration to Explore Before It’s Too Late!

Breathtaking sights of Colorado range from majestic snow capped peaks all the way to beautiful desert formations.  It’s easy to forget how drastically the environment can change within just an hour or two of driving.  Here at American Adventure Expeditions, we will always appreciate our locations along the Arkansas River, but we wanted to share…

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September 2, 2017

5 Reasons Late Season Rafting is a Better Adventure!

By the time August rolls around the water levels on the Arkansas tend to take a pretty big dip. The storms we’ve had early this month helped maintain some pretty awesome late season water levels, but even the rain can’t keep the river from losing steam.  With the help of the Voluntary Flow Management Program,…

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August 14, 2017

Ready For Colorado Mountain Biking Season?

American Adventure Expeditions prides itself for offering more than just whitewater fun. We offer everything Colorado including the quintessential Colorado viewfinder: mountain biking excursions. Our bike trips in beautiful backcounty locations around the Upper Arkansas River Valley of South Central Colorado. Chaffee County is a beautiful area – complete with a pristine river, bookmarked by high peaks, including the most summits over 14,000 feet of any county in the continental United States. It is the perfect playground for mountain bikers and rafters alike! Our local mountains have hundreds of miles of singletrack and jeep roads and we ride them all! Some of our incredible trails include the famous Monarch Crest Trail, the Colorado Trail, the Rainbow Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. INSIDER TIP: the local favorite, the Monarch Crest Trail, has been named by several cycling publications as one of…

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April 21, 2014

White Water Rafting With A Meal!

White Water Rafting is Hard Work, But Don’t Worry, We Feed You Well. Really Well. One of the best parts of Colorado white water rafting is reminiscing about your successful voyage down epic rapids, the times you laughed, the times you splashed. With our delicious, gourmet, handmade meals, you can enjoy the success and savor the goods. After three hours of rushing water, engaging scenery and sweet rapids, the whitewater wraps are a fantastic way to look back on what you’ve done with your day. Rafting on the Arkansas River’s whitewater through Brown’s Canyon is a one-of-a- kind Colorado adventure; the view from the river through this remote canyon is truly unforgettable. While on this trip you will find yourself completely surrounded by some of the most remarkable scenery that Colorado has to offer; throw in some thrilling Colorado adventure will leave…

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April 14, 2014

Overnight Rafting Adventures

To get the full experience of a Colorado summer, we have created great overnight rafting trips for those of you who want to truly enjoy adventures with American Adventure Expeditions. Not only do you get to maximize your playtime, but you will also get to spend the night under the stars, in the outdoorsy comfort of tents, sleeping bags and gourmet food. Your river guide seconds as chef and party planner and will prepare all of the meals and fun so that you can hang out and relax. Need your snuggie? Don’t sweat it; we will transport all of your bare essentials – even a snuggie, along with all of our camping gear, cooking supplies and other accoutrement, on a second raft. Worried that your snuggie will get wet on the rapids? Don’t be; we’ll lend you a bag designed…

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April 2, 2014

Book Early!

Since most of us are counting down to our summer vacation days, why not ensure that those days are filled with adventure, sunshine and fun? Here at American Adventure Expeditions, we recommend that you go ahead and book your Colorado whitewater rafting trip early; if anything, just to give yourself something really amazing to look…

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March 14, 2014

Royal Gorge Train

The first snows have fallen yet the autumn colors of Colorado are holding strong. This is not a sight to be missed and what better way than in the class and comfort of the Royal Gorge Train? While the leaves change from green to gold, and the river runs along, the train pushes forward, as…

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November 12, 2013

Salida Biking Tours

The beauty behind the bike is that you go as fast, as far and as hard as you want. Feel like cruising through the historic district of Salida? We will happily take you on a leisurely cruise around town. Feel like riding up to abandoned mines? Our guides are not only fun but knowledgeable. Feel…

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November 8, 2013