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5 Best Products for Outdoor Perros

Now although our 1 year-year-old Goldendoodle Manny is half poodle, he is still a pretty tough guy and loves the outdoors (the pic to the right was taken while cross country skiing in Leadville, CO last weekend…poodle prance, but at least it’s at 10,000′!) And, as anyone else with a puppy can attest to, there’s always some excess energy to burn.  Here are my 5 can’t-live-without products for outdoor (and indoor) doggy adventures. 1. Tug-a-Jug:  This strange contraption allows your dog to ‘search and hunt’ for his own treats.  Manny used to have a hard time with this, but over the last few months, he’s gotten pretty good at it!  So now when we’re heading out the door for a night out, we put his food in it and he feeds himself.  Takes him awhile, but keeps him busy while…

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March 23, 2010