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River Comfort and Safety

5 Tips for White Water Rafting With Kids

When white water rafting is portrayed in videos and photos, you see people braving deep, tumultuous rapids while clinging on to the raft for dear life. In reality, hundreds of miles of smooth-as-butter river water exist, and such idyllic conditions are awesome for beginners and families with little ones. White water rafting with kids is…

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July 6, 2017

The Beginner’s Guide to White Water Rafting

You can read all the descriptions and reviews you want, but you’ll never truly experience the full thrill of white water rafting until you do it yourself. Before you take the plunge, start by arming yourself with some handy tips from our white water rafting for beginners guide. Pick Your Trip Before you grab your…

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May 24, 2017

10 Cardinal Rules of White Water Rafting

A white water rafting trip is jam-packed with fun and nonstop thrills. However, before climbing aboard the raft, there are a few rules to know to ensure the safety of everyone on the raft – and maximize your enjoyment of the trip! Here are the ten cardinal white water rafting rules: Wear Your Personal Flotation…

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May 15, 2017

Whitewater Classifications – What Do They Mean?

Whitewater classifications – what do you know about them? When I first took this job I’ll admit I knew little to nothing about what those I – IV classes actually meant. Now after a summer full of rating I have a much better idea and would like to share what I’ve learned. Class I: Moving water with riffles and small waves.  Few obstructions, all obvious and easily missed with little training.  Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy. Good for novice paddlers. Class II: Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting.  Occasional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium-sized waves are easily missed.  Swimmers are seldom injured and group assistance, while helpful, is seldom needed. Good for beginner paddlers. Class III: Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid. Complex maneuvers…

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August 12, 2013

The Arkansas River

Even though the Arkansas River is most widely known as one of the nation’s top whitewater rafting destinations, there are also several reasons why this river is so amazing! Not only does it have several different stretches offering diverse scenery and wildlife, but whitewater classes that range from a beginner float to thrilling Class V whitewater! Listed below are a few interesting facts about the Arkansas River which show how it has carved it’s way through the rich history of the area. The Arkansas River begins its journey in the Sawatch Mountains near Leadville, Colo. The river begins at an elevation of 11,320 feet. The river is cutting deeper into the river gorge at the rate of about 1 foot every 2,500 years. The river gorge is so narrow on the Arkansas River that the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad…

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July 25, 2013

The Royal Gorge fire is now 100% contained!

It is quite a relieving morning for all of us here at American Adventure Expeditions, as well as many people and rafting companies on the Arkansas River. We have received news that the Royal Gorge fire is now 100% contained! This is great news, as many people have unfortunately had to miss out on a great time rafting the Royal Gorge the last week. Although it will be another week before the Royal Gorge is open for commercial rafting again, clean-up crews are getting down there to make sure it will be suitable and beautiful for everyone to have a great time rafting there with us again! Also, we are excited to note that the Royal Gorge Bridge is still intact and has sustained minimal damage from the fires, and the animals in the Royal Gorge wildlife park are well,…

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June 17, 2013