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The Best Summer Ever!

browns canyon rafting

Thank You For Everything! After an unbelievably successful summer, rafting season is over and our outposts are all packed up until spring.  Undoubtedly, the number one factor that made this season so outstanding were all the outstanding guests that joined us on an adventure.  Without the enjoyable interactions, kindhearted reviews, and positive word of mouth,…

Inspiration to Explore Before It’s Too Late!

views from colorado

Breathtaking sights of Colorado range from majestic snow capped peaks all the way to beautiful desert formations.  It’s easy to forget how drastically the environment can change within just an hour or two of driving.  Here at American Adventure Expeditions, we will always appreciate our locations along the Arkansas River, but we wanted to share…

Huge Group For Rafting? No Problem!

Quick Info! Here at American Adventure Expeditions, we pride ourselves on customer service no matter how small or large of a group we encounter.  We’ve worked hard to provide a convenient and enjoyable experience for our larger reservations.  Our discounts of 10% off rafting trips begins with groups of 10 or more and we offer…

AAE Cribs: Cheapest Housing Along the Arkansas River

AAE Cribs

Have you ever wondered where your raft guide lives all summer?  This is a very common question heard throughout the day at both American Adventure Expeditions outposts due to the seasonality of the job, but more likely because guests catch a glimpse of our magnificent “Tent City.” One of our Irish guide trainees, Tom, hanging…

What’s the Best Canyon for Rafting on the Arkansas River?

white water rafting season

Browns Canyon in Buena Vista and Bighorn Sheep Canyon outside Canon City are definitely two of the most popular and stunning whitewater rafting locations on Colorado’s Arkansas River. Buena Vista is also home to The Numbers, another awesome rafting experience, but because how technical and intense the section is, many people choose to take an adventure through Browns Canyon. Similarly, Bighorn Sheep Canyon is the section of river above The Royal Gorge and is also the easier of the two options. All four trips have such unique qualities that make them awesome, so no matter what you’ll have an amazing time! Here’s quick comparison of the two Canyons that consist mostly of Class III rapids rather that the Class IV rapids of The Royal Gorge and The Numbers. You can check out a comparison of the Class IV trips here!

Browns Canyon

A unbelievable view of the Collegiate Peaks can be see from any point in Buena Vista. The town is home to so many kayaking, mountain biking, rafting and outdoor enthusiasts because of the amazing local environment, especially Colorado’s newest national monument, Browns Canyon. This canyon is absolutely perfect for everyone regardless of prior experience. Our minimum age for this adventure is only six years old, making it a very common choice for families! It is the ideal mix of sustained calm stretches with a variety of big exciting rapids. You’ll be blown away by the natural beauty of a canyon made almost entirely of massive boulders that is also home to golden eagles, peregrine falcons, elk and much more. Make sure you don’t miss the photographer that normally hangs out around the most famous rapid in the area, Zume Flume! The only way to travel through the whole Canyon is on the river. Our company offers three different trips through the canyon so we provide awesome opportunities to see as much as you desire!

Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Looking for super fun hits with a great chance of seeing wildlife? If so, check out Bighorn Sheep Canyon! Yes, it gets its name from the numerous herds of bighorn sheep roaming around the walls of this mighty canyon so be on the lookout! The rapids you’ll experience are mostly classified Class III, out of six classes for anyone curious. In general, this trip is a fairly even blend of relatively gentle slow water with awesome moments of true excitement in rapids like Spikebuck, Shark’s Tooth and Kamikaze. This trip is excellent for anyone age 6 and older regardless of whether you have rafted before or not!

Have You Made Your Decision?

Hopefully the two videos above showed you exactly what a trip with American Adventure Expeditions is like through these two amazing sections of the Arkansas. Here are few last details we wanted to mention. Our northern outpost in Buena Vista where the Browns Canyon trip begins is about two hours from Denver and an hour and a half from Colorado Springs. The trip has multiple departure times daily, an age limit of six, and multiple packages for the day. It contains Class II and Class III rapids with a relaxing calm stretch before a series of rapids with some down time in between as well. Bighorn Sheep Canyon trips start at our southern outpost in Canon City and ends right at our beach at the entrance of The Royal Gorge, which means one less bus trip than any other company in the area! This location is about an hour from Colorado Springs and two hours from Denver. It also has multiple departure times, an age limit of six and multiple packages for the day. You’ll hop right into Class II and Class III with plenty of chances to see wildlife, especially during the relaxing final stretch. Lastly, all our trips can be combined with other adventures like ziplining, ATV tours, horseback riding, hot springs and more! Thanks for reading and we hope we see you at American Adventure Expeditions!

what to bring white water rafting

Are You Up for the Challenge? Rafting The Royal Gorge versus The Numbers!

royal gorge colorado

Two of the most popular and more exhilarating sections of the Arkansas River are The Numbers and The Royal Gorge.  Both sections are considered some of the top whitewater rapids in the entire country and it’s definitely for a great reason!  The Royal Gorge route sends you through a crack in a mountain that is…

5 Reasons You NEED to go Whitewater Rafting Before it’s too Late!

whitewater rafting colorado

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush to start your summer?  Colorado was lucky enough to build up an abnormally huge snowpack over the winter.  This is great news for any thrill seekers out there!  As Colorado experiences rising temperatures, the runoff from the mountains will continue to increase water levels into the beginning of…

5 Unique Ideas for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

unique ideas for bachelor party

unique ideas for bachelor party For a one-of-a-kind and memorable bachelor or bachelorette party, you and your guests need to follow one simple rule: Don’t go to Las Vegas. While Las Vegas has its…

When is White Water Rafting Season?

sunny white water rafting season

Five sections of river. Four different regions to explore. Smiles for miles across crested waves.  White water rafting season is a Colorado staple –  many Coloradans or Centennial State visitors jump into a raft each summer with a top-of-the-line paddle expert. If you’re looking into trying your hand at some of the best rapids Colorado…

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Summer Lovers: Christmas in July

whitewater rafting colorado

Whether you love snow or not: There’s nothing quite like soaking up the stars with friends after grilling burgers over an open fire. (Yes, this scene is achievable with snow and an igloo—but it’s a much greater challenge in every way possible! More layers. More gear. More risk.) Here’s a roundup of gift ideas for…