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Whitewater Rafting News

The Best Summer Ever!

Thank You For Everything! After an unbelievably successful summer, rafting season is over and our outposts are all packed up until spring.  Undoubtedly, the number one factor that made this season so outstanding were all the outstanding guests that joined us on an adventure.  Without the enjoyable interactions, kindhearted reviews, and positive word of mouth,…

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September 13, 2017

5 Reasons Late Season Rafting is a Better Adventure!

By the time August rolls around the water levels on the Arkansas tend to take a pretty big dip. The storms we’ve had early this month helped maintain some pretty awesome late season water levels, but even the rain can’t keep the river from losing steam.  With the help of the Voluntary Flow Management Program,…

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August 14, 2017

When is White Water Rafting Season?

Five sections of river. Four different regions to explore. Smiles for miles across crested waves.  White water rafting season is a Colorado staple –  many Coloradans or Centennial State visitors jump into a raft each summer with a top-of-the-line paddle expert. If you’re looking into trying your hand at some of the best rapids Colorado…

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April 4, 2017

Colorado Rafting Rapid Ratings

Want to go on a Colorado white water rafting trip but aren’t sure which river run suits you?  Learn a little more about rapid ratings: Rapids are rated on a scale from Class I through Class VI. Class I: No substantial obstacles / waves. Class II: Entails regular waves, clear passages and relatively wide channels. Class III: Be aware of irregular wave patterns / narrow channels. Maneuvering may be required in order to avoid obstacles. Class IV: Intense, yet more predictable rapids requiring precise maneuvering. Entails some unavoidable waves and tight passages. Class V: Extensive and / or violent rapids involving large drops, unavoidable waves, and narrow channels. Precise maneuvering required. Class VI: Virtually non-navigable, or navigable only at favorable river water levels. Still want more information to help you decide upon which trip is best for you? No problem-…

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September 15, 2011

What Makes Us Different

Colorado whitewater rafting trip outfitters can be found all over, so why should you pick us over someone else? Easy. 1. We’ve been hosting Colorado rafting adventures for over 20 years. What does this mean? Our vast experience with these waters allows us to better guide you in order to make your trip that much better. 2. American Adventure Expeditions goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome, wanted, and comfortable. Our staff members can answer all of your questions and address any concerns. 3. We believe one size does not fit all! Colorado whitewater rafting trips differ, and you need options in finding the trip that’s best for you. This is why we offer rafting trips of all levels- from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. 4. Booking a trip is easy! Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed- Colorado rafting

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September 6, 2011

Have Colorado Rafting Prep Questions? No Problem!

There are many common questions that people have in preparation for their Colorado rafting adventure.  American Adventure Expeditions has made it easy for you to learn more about questions concerning what to wear, weather complications, swimming safety, and much much more.  Simply check out our FAQ’s page to see what others have asked and we have answered.  Chances are, you will find all the information you need concerning your upcoming Arkansas River rafting expedition and if not, please feel free to give us a call at 866.699.7238! We try to make your Colorado rafting adventure one to remember for a lifetime, so we have made it easy for you to get all the information you need!  American Adventure Expeditions is dedicated to making you feel welcome, wanted, and comfortable throughout your entire experience with us, so browse around and if…

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August 12, 2011

Colorado Rafting Testimonial | American Adventure Expeditions

Still have cold feet about getting in the water?  Then here’s a Colorado rafting testimonial that will help warm you up! “Hey folks, I wanted to express to you how much my family enjoyed our rafting trip w/ American Adventure Expeditions.  Every aspect of the trip was top notch – 1. The training you provided before we set out 2. The equipment 3. Our guide – We loved Nick.  He provided the perfect combination of being a gracious host and an experienced guide.  We ran two runs with him in a single day and you could tell that he was trying to make the day as enjoyable, adventurous, and safe as possible. 4. The lunch – Nick made some great burgers. 5. The river.  It was beautiful. We chose this attraction as our last thing to do while vacationing in…

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August 5, 2011

Take A Break From The Routine

Arkansas River rafting can be one of the most memorable and entertaining experiences that one can partake in.  Taking a break from your normal weekly routine can make a world of difference and Colorado whitewater rafting is the perfect way to get the break you are looking for.  With winding rivers and thrilling rapids just around the corner, there is no excuse from taking a weekend adventure! Getting out for a day and experiencing Colorado’s beautiful surroundings is an excellent way to break your normal habits, and Colorado white water rafting trip is the best way to do it.  Use your free time to do something you actually want to do- and enjoy an experience of a lifetime! Book Now Calendar Book Now

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June 13, 2011