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Browns Canyon

Fun, Food, Fun All in a National Monument — That About Sums Up a Full Day Rafting Adventure

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Brown’s Canyon rafting is considered by many to be one of the best sections of whitewater in the world! Famous for its perfect balance between exciting rapids and sustained calm stretches, it is ideal for viewing the breathtaking Colorado scenery, all while getting a great taste of classic Colorado whitewater river rafting. Don’t let the…

The Majesty of National Monuments

Browns Canyon

Browns Canyon of the Arkansas River is a unique – even for Colorado – ecosystem that provides outstanding fish and wildlife habitat, sweeping views of the Arkansas Valley as well as four-season recreation opportunities for people to explore the outdoors and experience the area’s scenery and solitude. Browns Canyon

Why Wade When You Can Duckie!


Inflatable Kayaks (also known as ‘Duckies’) are a perfect way for adventurous paddlers to experience the thrills of the Arkansas River in their own craft. These stable, open topped kayaks are extremely maneuverable, and they make even the smallest wave seem much bigger and more exciting (great for low water seasons)!

Classifications: What They Are and Why They Matter to You

When it comes to whitewater, knowing what you are getting in to is as critical as having all the proper safety gear. Lucky for you, we are experts in both fields of knowledge. Whitewater is classified in terms of water speed, technicality of features and size of rapids to help everyone who passes through certain…

Where to Whitewater Raft While in Colorado?


Are you visiting Colorado this summer and wondering “is it worth the trip to the Arkansas River Valley?”  We say. “Absolutely!” Here’s why: internationally renowned whitewater, some of the state’s greatest mountain-biking trails, all-natural hot springs, amazingly wonderful locals, views that you’ll remember forever, we’ve got it all. whitewater, boats

How the Mighty Arkansas River Got Its Name

Many nations of Native Americans lived near or along the mighty Arkansas River for thousands of years before the Spanish discovered it’s beautiful 1,450 miles. The native name for the Arkansas River was Napeste, but with further expansion of European exploration the name Arkansas was appointed the official name as it meets with the Mississippi…

Movement to Turn Brown’s Canyon into a National Monument

Mike Kissack, owner of American Adventure Expeditions, recently spoke at a meeting in favor of turning Brown’s Canyon into a National Monument and Wilderness designation. U.S. Senator Mark Udall was in attendance as he sees the importance of turning the canyon into a National Monument. Kissack spoke as the President of The Arkansas River Outfitters…

Ride with AAE Owner, Mike Kissack

Just a day in the life of AAE owner Mike Kissack.  We usually spend quite a bit of time in the office checking people in, managing guides and running our amazing business.  However, there are our favorite days when we get to get out and ride the rapids with some of our wonderful guests. Check…