Beautiful Day on the Arkansas River

Today was another great day on the Arkansas River. We had a group travel all the way from the UK to raft out on this river because of all the hype and reputation this river has to offer. It was their first time rafting in Colorado and it was great to see them come back with so much spirit and energy. As the temperature rises so do the water levels! We are very excited to see the water levels rise because this means bigger and better rapids for everyone.

I have been rafting several times in my life and I can vouch and say that Arkansas River rafting is the best to experience. Not only do you get to enjoy rafting on the river but there is much to do around here! Being out here for the summer is really exciting for me and I’m still trying to figure how I’m going to fit all of the tours in before I have to go. I have been fortunate enough to go zip lining and horseback riding up and here and I’m telling you their is nothing quite like being suspended in the air above beautiful canyons moving at about 40 miles per hour! Even just taking a hike on one of the several trails is amazing. The scenery here is breathtaking!


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