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Denver White Water Rafting

A once-in-a-lifetime Denver rafting adventure is just a short day trip away in the mountains. As one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, Denver is an ever-popular destination with tons to offer in the way of art and culture, music, nightlife, and shopping! However, a visit to Colorado wouldn’t be complete without whitewater rafting in Denver!

  • Family-friendly rafting and advanced rafting options available
  • First-class facilities and equipment for your safety and enjoyment
  • Home to the most popular stretch of white water rafting in Colorado, Browns Canyon!

What are you waiting for? Put down the phone and pick up a paddle!

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Top Denver Rafting

Ages 7+
Allow 3 hours
From $89.95
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Allow 2.5 hours
From $99.95
Ages 5+
Allow 2 hours
From $59.95
7+ Age
Allow 8 Hours
Lunch Included
$214.95/Per Person

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Zero Cancellation Fees

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100% Fun

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Free Wetsuits

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Make the Most of Your
Summer Adventure

This summer, escape the hot house, get the kids off their phones, and head for Denver. Rather than watching TV during the warm months, you can live it up and make memories as a family. Whitewater rafting will provide you with opportunities to bond and discover a new hobby to do together. There are plenty of rafting options that are safe and economical for families of all ages and sizes.

At American Adventure Expeditions, we offer a variety of whitewater rafting trips ranging from Class I floats for beginners to Class V adventures for experts in a beautiful riverside location. Our packages come with supplementary zip lining, ATVing, and horseback trail riding opportunities. Head out of the city this weekend for the best rafting around and an experience you won’t soon forget!

Our team will give you and your group the best and safest river trip available in Colorado. We employ only the most knowledgeable guides and the most reliable equipment. This way, you’ll be able to focus on what’s most important: having fun! Our calm tour guides will instruct you thoroughly before and during your trip so that you know what to do at all times.


Summer Is Sweeter With American
Adventure Expeditions

American Adventure Expeditions has been leading river tours through the wildest segments of Colorado rivers for years. We’ve spent considerable time rafting down our routes and can ensure a safe and memorable experience each time. We stand out from our competitors in the way of friendly assistance, familiarity with the water, knowledgable river commentary, and reliable instruction, so we’re sure that you and your group will come back to us each time you take a trip here. And with our huge array of packages, you will find the tour you want within your budget.

Why Go Rafting in Denver?

Denver is ideally located just 30 minutes away from your picture-perfect outdoor weekend adventure. Visitors can spend a day splashing through roaring rapids and still have time to return to Denver and relax, go brewery hopping, hit the spa, experience famous food halls, and soak up other aspects of city life — all in the same day.

Some of the most popular stretches of river are located a mere 30 miles from Denver. As you drive, you’ll love watching the cityscape of the metropolis transition into towering trees and majestic meadows. Rafting in Denver will take you through idyllic and picturesque canyons, past fascinating abandoned gold mines, and awesome wildlife in its natural habitat.

The Season for Rafting in Denver

Whitewater enthusiasts can bust out their paddles as soon as late April. American Adventure Expeditions starts guiding tours around that time. The season extends into late August. However, rafting season could start or end later depending on the snowmelt from winter. You can give us a call to quickly find out the approximate beginning and end of the season this year.

Fortunately, 2019 is looking like a fantastic season for adventurous rafting. We’re experiencing some of the best winter runoff water we’ve had in years, so you can count on this year’s rapids to give you the most excitement for your money!

Things to Bring on Your
Rafting Trip

While whitewater rafting, you will get wet. Dress accordingly in quick-drying clothes or wear a swimming suit and bring a change of clothes and a towel for afterward. Avoid cotton clothing, as it’s the slowest to dry, and never wear flip flops (they’re too easy to lose in the river). Wear sunscreen and bring a hat and water bottle to avoid heat exhaustion while on the water; it will get hot! Sunglasses are also a good idea — just make sure they have a strap so you don’t lose them. If you bring loose items or valuables that you don’t want to bring on the raft, we provide lockers for your wallets, car keys, cell phones, and other such items.

Whitewater Rafting Near Denver

Clear Creek (0.5 Hours From Denver)

Clear Creek is one of the most popular destinations for rafting in Denver. It’s a short 30- to 45-minute drive west from the city and has more concentrated rapids than any other nearby river in the region. The stretch is about 66 miles and extends right through the Rocky Mountain range.

Cache la Poudre River (1.5 Hours From Denver)

Poudre River is a 1.5-hour trip from Denver and offers Class III and Class IV whitewater. This wild and scenic river trip promises breathtaking wildlife and wilderness as well as convenient access to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, and Fort Collins. It takes approximately half a day to complete.

Blue River (1.5 Hours From Denver)

Blue River is perfect for families with young children and beginner rafters wanting to try a new hobby. Depending on the water level, you can spend a couple of hours floating alongside the Rocky Mountains or experience Class III rapids along the Gorge Range.

Colorado River (2 Hours From Denver)

The Colorado River, the river named after our colorful state, offers areas for both gentle cruises and rough-’n-tough rapids. We recommend that those facing the turbulent rapids be at least 15 years of age, as these are some of the wildest in North America! The calm waters, however, are suitable for those as young as 2 years old.

Arkansas River (2 Hours From Denver)

Travel just 2 hours from Denver and take a tour through the incredible and majestic Browns Canyon National Monument via the Arkansas River. You’ll be ripped through Class III to Class IV rapids and even up to Class V — if you dare. The Arkansas Valley has something to offer people of all skill levels.

Non-Rafting Adventures
in Denver

If you aren’t in Denver for the river rafting scene (or if you’re looking for post-river activities after a day of rafting), the Mile High City has plenty of other things to do. It is a bustling hub for socialites, sightseers, adventure lovers, and families. It offers a host of all-season activities with opportunities for romance, adventure, and relaxation. In Denver, you can:

  • Explore the world-class street art
  • Visit The Buckhorn Exchange — Denver’s oldest steakhouse
  • Take a stroll through vintage thrift stores and antique shops
  • Browse Denver-based bookshops
  • Enjoy music in the park
  • Take a tour of the Coors Brewery
  • Pop into the Denver Botanical Gardens
  • Get up close and personal with wildlife at the Denver Aquarium
  • Head out to a Rockies baseball game
  • Experience the Denver Art Museum or the Clyfford Still Museum
  • Hike through Roxborough State Park
  • Check out Indian Hot Springs
  • Watch a show at Red Rocks
  • Sample Denver’s most popular Mexican dishes


Need a place to stay during the course of your rafting trip in Denver? Consider immersing yourself in nature and set up a campsite in the mountains. If you’d like a more luxurious place to rest up for your next river trip, find lodging at the Brown Palace Hotel in the heart of Denver. There are plenty of local Airbnbs and luxury cabins in the area for you to choose from. For further recommendations, give us a quick call.

The Fabulous City

You’re sure to be famished after a thrill-filled afternoon of rafting in Denver. If “roughing it” isn’t your style, the city has some delectable fine dining and fast food options for you to discover. From Italian cuisine to gourmet hot dogs, there’s something to please every palate. Some of the local favorites include:

  • Marco’s Coal Fired Pizzeria
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy
  • Sushi Den
  • Biker Jim’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
  • Ocean Prime

Frequently Asked Questions About Rafting

Is whitewater rafting safe?

When you follow the instructions provided by your river guide, you have the best chance of staying safe on the water. Even if you don’t know how to swim, you will be provided with a life jacket to keep you above water if you fall out of the raft.

How do I choose which trip I take?

As you consider options for your rafting trip, make sure to pick something that suits the physical ability level of all members in the group. Those with physical limitations are taking a greater risk on the rapids.

Am I supposed to tip my river guide?

River guides carry the hefty responsibility of keeping customers safe and ensuring an enjoyable experience. If you felt that your river guide did a great job in safety instruction and engaging the whole group, tips are appropriate and encouraged.

Adventure Awaits You in

As you plan your river trip to Denver, remember to consult American Expedition Adventures for all things whitewater rafting. We can help you put together the perfect rafting getaway for you and your group based on your goals and your taste for adventure. Give us a call today to find out more about the packages we offer and book your vacation.