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Believe it or not, although our Colorado rafting company has been offering white water rafting in Colorado for over thirty years, there was a point in each of our lives when we were in the exact same position that you are now: looking for something new, looking for something exciting, and looking for something to remember forever.


All of us at American Adventure Expeditions have found that something, rafting in Colorado, and we haven’t been able to give it up since. We all experienced an outdoor adventure that changed us so profoundly that we dedicated ourselves to sharing the beauty, the power, and the freedom of the Colorado Wilderness with as many people as possible. It is our goal at American Adventure Expeditions that each and every one of our guests has a similar experience while Arkansas River Rafting, and leaves with memories that will last a lifetime.

Our outstanding team at our Colorado rafting company comes to us from all over the United States and the world. Our team members are all highly trained, dedicated, and skilled rafting experts, with each and every one having spent countless hours going above and beyond the basic industry requirements. Our knowledgeable reservation staff will help you choose the perfect adventure, while our guides will exceed your expectations by taking you on the most memorable trip imaginable.

Meet the Owners

Casey and Bob


In 1995, Casey Harper moved to Durango with his family. They were avid white water river rafters in Utah, so they opened a Durango white water rafting company and started running white water raft trips on the Lower Animas River.

In 1997, they bought the only Durango Jeep tour company in town and started offering package deals. At the time, the combo packages were a revolutionary idea. They offered guests “a true Colorado experience” because they could explore Durango’s backcountry and rivers.

In 1998, Bob Williamson moved to Durango from Ohio. He attended Fort Lewis College and worked as a river guide and Jeep tour guide for Casey during the summers. During the winters, he led snowmobile tours and taught snowboarding. Casey continued to operate his company and Bob graduated and pursed a career in accounting.

In 2016, Bob was ready to return to work in the outdoor industry. He contacted Casey, and they launched Colorado Outback Adventures. The joint venture began as a Colorado ATV & RZR rental company at Purgatory. In 2018, they added Durango river rafting tours, Colorado Jeep rentals, off-road go-karts, and Jeep tours to the mix. In 2019, they launched Lake Nighthorse boat rentals.

In early 2024 Casey and Bob purchased American Adventure Expeditions in Buena Vista Colorado and they are excited to be operating on the Arkansas River.

The company continues to grow because of Casey and Bob’s passion for helping people experience the outdoors.

Casey says, “That’s my driving force – bringing people into these activities. Nothing makes me happier than when they come up and say, ‘That’s a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life.’ That’s everything to me.”

“For me,” Bob says, “it’s always been adventure and guiding people to adventure. It’s awesome. We are creating memories for people. We’re not just doing it as a business; we enjoy talking to and getting to know our guests. Our reviews show that we care about people.”

Casey adds, “When you open the door for someone who has never done these things, and you lay out a trip in a safe and fun way, it’s everything to them.”

Bob and Casey know that all of the pieces of a business interact – from trip consultants to bus drivers to guides. One thing can make a bad trip for someone.

“We go out of our way to answer questions that are completely unrelated to what we do, take care of people, and make sure they have a good trip,” Casey says.

Their favorite review reads, “From the second I called, to the time I checked in, to our wonderful Colorado white water rafting guide…everything was perfect for us.”

Bob says, “That’s how we want it to be. We’ll make it good, no matter what.”