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Private Tours

Why Private Rafting Tours?

Of course, safety is a top priority of ours.

And it became even more so, the past few years through the pandemic.

During that time, we exclusively offered private tours as a way to allow families to enjoy the outdoors and limit exposure to those outside their household.

And in the process, we uncovered some cool and unexpected things.

See, typically whitewater rafting boats are filled with maybe one family of four, one local solo traveler, maybe another couple from Europe (or some mix of travelers). And although this works out great, sometimes you want to be with just your family or your friends.

When you’re grouped with others that didn’t come with you, oftentimes, everyone in the boat feels they need to sit back, be more reserved, and not ask too many questions, to help everyone in the boat feel more comfortable (especially kids).

Our guides do their best to make everyone feel at home, but sometimes the group dynamic can still feel a bit stilted.

When we started offering private tours (out of the necessity of safety), we saw some really cool things unfold.

People loved the private tours
Our guests bonded with their family, friends, or bachelorette group like never before.
They had the space and freedom to really be themselves.
The guides were able to really tailor the experience to your desires and exceed your expectations.
And everyone in the boat felt more connected to their guide.

Dad jokes were flying in family boats
Dirty jokes were flying with the bachelorette parties
And people were excited to share their photos on social media, because it was “just us!”

So, we made the company decision to continue to offer private tours as an option.

If you choose one of our Private Tour options, your group will be with your guide from start to finish, and you’ll get to tailor your perfect adventure all along the way.

Ages 5+
Allow 2 hours
From $69.95
Ages 7+
Allow 3 hours
From $109.95
Ages 15+
Allow 3 hours
From $119.95
Ages 7+
Allow 6 hours
Lunch Included
From $179.95
Ages 15+
Allow 6 hours
Lunch Included
From $199.95