Calling All Serious Whitewater Junkies!

The Numbers is widely considered to be the best Class IV run in the entire state of Colorado… and its 20 minutes from our front door. Depending upon the water levels, measured by cubic feet per second (CFS), the river channelizes and is fun Class IV rafting and kayaking; when it reaches 1000 cfs, the rapids graduate to IV proper, and over 2200cfs they take on a IV+ character.

Why do we call this epic run “The Numbers”? Simply put: there are too many big rapids back to back to ask a guide or boater to remember them in sequence, so we named them numerically. There are six major Class IV rapids, named Number 1 through Number 6.

Rapid Number 1 is the most technical, but you’ll see more “accidental swimmers” on Numbers 4 and 5, especially when water is flowing above 3000 cfs… that’s when the run takes on a big water character, massive holes abound and we recommend you be a thrill-seeker at heart to take it on.

It’s pretty remarkable to raft at over 8600 feet in elevation, surrounded by big mountains, {currently} lots of snow and blue skies. The water levels are almost at their peak for the season so be prepared for an unbelievable, adrenaline filled experience!

Our expert Guides are truly your captains on this stretch of whitewater. They are here to help you enjoy this epic journey to the fullest. That being said, it is critical you paddle hard and listen up; they know the route, the river and the best way to conquer The Numbers! Check out the options below and don’t hesitate to call our professional staff with any questions or concerns. We are here to guide you all the way. 719.395.2410.

The Numbesr

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