I Love My Job!

Today has been a fantastic day here at American Adventure Expeditions. Mostly because our owner Mike got to get out on the river and guide his longtime friends today. It was also a coincidence that they were from Ohio and we got to talk about how much we DON’T want to leave Colorado any time soon. I think it’s also cool to have an owner who was and still is so pumped to get on the river whenever he gets a chance.

Another thing I thought was interesting was the variety of rafting groups we have come in daily. I’ve seen church groups, science groups, boy scout groups, summer camp groups, and even groups wanting to film documentaries. I guess I find it so cool because there’s nothing like this around me back
home; everyone’s so adventurous here. It’s awesome!

Speaking of adventurous, I’m impatiently waiting to meet a customer that’s coming in tomorrow. He’s proof that persistence pays off. He called every day for almost two weeks waiting to get a Colorado rafting trip on the Number’s section of the river but couldn’t get anyone to book with him. We finally had another couple book the Numbers and we’re able to get him on a raft. He personally came in and thanked us all. Customers like Bob
make me love love love my job.

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