5 Tips for Taking Awesome White Water Rafting Photos

Taking awesome white water rafting photos can be hard or easy. The hard way is bringing along a waterproof camera and then trying to snap a non-blurry selfie while riding the rapids, manning your paddle, and trying not to fly off the raft. The easy way is letting a pro photographer snap the pictures from the sidelines and later showing them off to family and friends.

Since professional photos are taken during American Adventure raft tours, the easy option tends to win out quite often. And you can make sure you shine in your white water rafting photos by keeping these five tips in mind.

Enjoy Yourself

The best pictures of any type are usually those where you can tell people are truly having fun. When you’re riding the rapids, stop worrying about last week’s problems, next week’s schedule, or even this evening’s dinner. Live in the moment. Your honest-to-goodness glee will come through, captured for the world to see.

Flex Your Acting Muscles

If you’re the type who loves being a ham for the camera, you can have tons of fun playing different roles to be captured by the cameras during your rafting trip. Try out these characters – but remember, safety is your priority. Make sure your funny faces don’t compromise your safety on the raft!

  • Master of the Rapids: Keep your head held high, jutting your chin slightly upward and smiling with a subtle smirk. Imagine your body is a strong wall and sit up straight and tall to match. Those rapids are no match for you!
  • The Damsel or Dude in Distress: A terrified scream works well here, or at least the appearance of one. Open your mouth wide, with all teeth showing, and your lips pulled back. Crouch your body as if you’re being attacked, with shoulders hunched and back rounded into a cowering position.
  • No-Nonsense Conqueror: This role is similar to the Master of the Rapids but without the smirking smile. Put on a straight-lipped, oh-so-serious look instead.
  • Raft Clown: The raft clown is like the class clown, but on a raft. Make any goofy, silly, crazy expression you like, as often as you like, as you’re zooming down the rapids.

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Flex Your Actual Muscles

Move that paddle with gusto. Grip that handle with vigor. Sit tall and taut, with your legs strong and firm. Whatever you’re doing on the raft, flex your muscles during the process. You may be amazed at how well muscle tone translates for the camera!

Dress Sharp

Yes, you’ll be wearing a life jacket and helmet while on the raft. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t look cool. Go for sleek goggles or sunglasses. Opt for form-fitting activewear, brightly colored layers, a streamlined wetsuit, or your favorite swimsuit.

Even if only a portion of your outfit is visible beneath the life jacket, you’ll still know you look like a million bucks. Besides, there’s always a chance of the photographer snapping a shot before or after the ride without the full life jacket and helmet combo.

Keep Your Face Visible

One last tip is to make sure your face is as visible as possible at all times. That means don’t stare at the bottom of the raft or your lap for the entire trip. Look up – that way, you’ll ensure you don’t miss the photographer or beautiful natural wonders like the Royal Gorge.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to get some Instagram-worthy pictures that perfectly embody the fun and excitement of your white water rafting trip. Contact American Adventure Expeditions today to start planning your summer white water rafting adventure!

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