Winter is ‘Nigh

As the seasons change, we look forward to a great winter and deep snowpack. Our weather has begun its shift towards winter as the peaks have a thin coating of snow and a few folks have even squeezed in some turns up high.

Our last few storms have left enough coverage at higher elevations to create amazing photographs for some of our backcountry explorer buddies.

With every big storm we get in this winter the better the Arkansas River will be summer 2016. 

Colorado is looking at having the biggest winter in decades and without trying to jinx it — we’re stoked! Big winters mean big summers and with everyone out there, playing and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer, we’re jazzed for this coming raft season!

Right now our snow and water forecast is better than ever before – lets Snow Dance and make this winter deep and epic so we can have a great summer 2016 season!

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