Kayak Adventures

Inflatable Kayaks, also know as ‘Duckies’, are a perfect way for our adventurous paddlers to experience the thrills of the Arkansas River in your own craft. These stable, open topped kayaks are extremely maneuverable, and they make even the smallest wave seem much bigger and more exciting. On any of our inflatable kayak trips, you will follow our Guide in your inflatable kayak, which are very stable and easy to master, allowing you to ride the rapids with confidence and ensuring an adventure. Because your legs are “free”, inflatable kayaks allow you to soak up the sun from head to toe, making it a great way for kids, beginners and families alike to enjoy the outdoors and get a great introduction to kayaking.  

  • Challenge yourself by captaining your own craft through amazing whitewater!
  • Delicious and filling riverside BBQ Lunch included.
  • ACA Level 4 Certified guide on all trips.

Duckies are great for low water seasons, too.  This trip is great for adventurous whitewater enthusiasts looking for a unique, challenging, and exciting way to experience Colorado’s most popular river!

14 Years Old
Class I-IV (Trip Dependent)
Buena Vista & Cañon City

Browns Canyon Deluxe Inflatable Kayak

$115 Ages 14+
Departs: 9:00 am
Duration: Allow up to 4.5 hours
Gourmet BBQ lunch included!

Feel like a modern day Lewis and Clark as you navigate your own craft and explore the spectacular rapids and scenery of Colorado’s Newest National Monument!  With plenty of time to warm up before you hit the bigger rapids this section was made for a ‘Ducky’ experience.

*This trip departs from our Buena Vista Rafting Outpost and the minimum age is 14 years old.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon Deluxe Inflatable Kayak

$115 Ages 14+
Departs: 9:00 am
Duration: Allow up to 4.5 hours
Gourmet BBQ lunch included!

In these personalized vessels even the smallest waves can soak you from head to to toe, making  a trip through this amazing canyon that much more exciting!  While drifting in the calm stretches between rapids, don’t forget to look to the surrounding mountains as you’ll likely pass a number of Bighorn Sheep.

*This trip departs from our Cañon City Rafting Outpost and the minimum age is 14 years old.

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What To Expect

Each one of our inflatable kayaking adventures includes everything that you’ll need for an amazing day on the river, including: your very own boat, paddle, wetsuit, river shoes, splash jacket, life jacket, helmet, and a delicious and filling riverside BBQ lunch. On every one of our inflatable kayak adventures one of our ACA Level 4 Certified Guides will accompany you downriver and will expertly show you how to navigate your way through the rapids.
We have a maximum guest to guide ratio of 5 to 1 ensure you each have plenty of individual attention as you kayak the Arkansas River.  All trips begin with a thorough orientation about your equipment and how to steer your kayak, and once on the river, instruction continues for the length of the trip.

Recommended Add-Ons Or Packages

If you’re intrigued about the idea of guiding your own inflatable kayak, but are a little hesitant about doing it on a section of river that you have never seen before, try rafting first.  Many of our guests have chosen to raft either Browns Canyon or Bighorn Sheep Canyon on one day, and then try their hand at a Ducky the following day.  This way they know what to expect before they head out in their own craft.

What To Wear & Bring

The key to enjoying any of our Arkansas River kayaking adventures to the fullest is being properly prepared and dressed.  Here’s a list of things that we recommend to wear and bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Quick-Drying Clothes (no cotton, no denim)
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Dry Clothes & Towel for after your trip
  • Water Shoes (No Flip Flops, Crocs or Bare-feet!)
  • Money for items such as:
    • Rental Gear
    • Photos
    • Souvenirs
    • Guide Gratuity