10 Signs You’re A Raft Guide

You know you are a raft guide when…

1.You wear Chacos everyday, all day. Even if it is raining.

2. You own a million different lotions because your skin is so dry from being on the river all day, everyday. 

3. You haven’t taken a shower in at least a week.

4. You see a guide with dreads out on the river and think, “maybe I should just do that so I don’t have to shower.”

5. You always carry a water bottle with a carabiner

6. You never get on the river without your dry bag, you own a Hawaiian shirt and Croakies are a must for your sunglasses.  

7. You are secretly jealous of guides that own dry suits. Why can’t they suck it up like the rest of us and endure the cold river water?

8. You can live with the same small group of people all summer and have a great time. 

9. When a customer shows up with a GoPro for their helmet, you automatically start praying to the river gods for no extra excitement on the river.

10. You dread the end of summer because it means that summer camp for adults is officially over.

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