5 Things You Need To Bring White Water Rafting

If you’re anything like us, you like to be prepared for any adventure. We make sure that every trip through AAE is equipped with a sweep kit including emergency essentials, a first aid kit, a radio and extra gear. We provide all guests with personal floatation device’s (PFD’s), helmets, and for a small fee, we rent out wetsuits, booties and splash jackets. There are however a few items that you should bring with you the next time you come white water rafting with us in Colorado.

1 – Sunscreen

Don’t forget to lather up before jumping into the raft. These long summer days are hot and there isn’t any shade while on the river. We suggest putting on sunscreen right before your trip so that it will last while on the river and you won’t arrive back at the outpost looking like a fried lobster.

2 – Sunglasses

Bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun! It’s bright out here and the sun reflects off the water making it even brighter. Don’t forget Croakies to attach to your glasses so that they don’t fall off and sink to the bottom of the river. If you don’t own any, we have some in the shop for $5USD. We also have an array of sunglasses!

3 – Water

We suggest that you bring water with you. It’s super important that you stay hydrated! We’ve already mentioned that it’s hot and sunny on the river, which means you need to be drinking water before your trip too. If you want, ask your guide to put your water bottle in their bag. It’s always nice to have a refreshing sip of water after some big waves and a lot of paddling.

4 – Friends

Don’t let your friends miss out on an epic adventure down the Royal Gorge! The waves are still fun and big. Plus, how often do you get to experience the Royal Gorge from a raft in class III, IV and V water?

5 – A Sense Of Adventure

Our guides love taking guests down the river, but what makes it even better is good jokes, laughs and big smiles. If you bring all of that, you’re guaranteed a good time and a fun white water adventure down the Arkansas River!

6 – A Waterproof Camera

O.K., we lied, there’s actually six things you should bring white water rafting. Bring a camera to capture all the fun! We sell waterproof disposable cameras in our shops, but if you bring a GoPro with the attachment piece, we can often find you a helmet that has the receiving mount on it so that you can wear your GoPro while rafting.

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