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Avoid the Ice Water: Where Our Raft Guides Work in The Winter

Here at American Adventure, we’re lucky that we have an amazing crew every summer to guide our white water rafting trips and give our guests an unbeatable rafting experience. While we all wish we could raft year-round, the freezing Colorado winters end our season in September. Once we close up shop for the winter, our…

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December 5, 2017

The Best Summer Ever!

Thank You For Everything! After an unbelievably successful summer, rafting season is over and our outposts are all packed up until spring.  Undoubtedly, the number one factor that made this season so outstanding were all the outstanding guests that joined us on an adventure.  Without the enjoyable interactions, kindhearted reviews, and positive word of mouth,…

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September 13, 2017

Guides In The Off Season

Ever wondered what our hero’s of the high waters do when the Arkansas River freezes over in the winter? We caught up with a few of them and wanted to fill you in on their year-round adventures and expeditions. Jonathan One of our rookie guides from last summer, Jonathan, had a great season with us and is now off in Iowa practicing safety maneuvers to keep him fresh for AAE this summer. Before returning to American Adventure Expeditions though, Jonathan will be studying abroad in India through NOLs. His epic adventure will include a month long backpacking trip in the Himalayas and a two-week rafting trip on the Kali River. We can’t wait to hear about his amazing “off season” when he gets back in June to captain our rafts on the Arkansas River. Safe and happy travels, Jonathan!   Robin…

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March 24, 2014

World Class Colorado White Water Rafting!

It’s the heat of summer, and you know what that means? Hot temperatures yet cool Arkansas River water rafting. Get in on a rafting trip with American Adventure Expeditions and feel the splashes and excitement of world class Colorado white water rafting! We offer rafting trips for all ages, ability levels, and thrill seekers. With trips going down Brown’s Canyon, The Numbers, Bighorn Sheep Canyon, and The Royal Gorge we have the best of the Arkansas ready for you to enjoy. Without a doubt there are few better ways to cool down on a hot summer afternoon than a white water rafting adventure. Today we had more campers come down from the Keystone Science School – they had a blast going over Zoomflume, Pinball, The Stairs, and many other Brown’s Canyon rapids. Tomorrow we have even more groups ready to…

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June 28, 2013

Burgers and Rafting

I don’t know how it’s possible but I never get sick of smelling the burgers cook when the rafters come back from their Colorado rafting trips. They get our delicious burgers from Scanga Meat Co grilled to perfection. Then the burgers are topped with all sorts of different toppings such as, lettuce, tomato, fresh avocado, onion, jalapenos, bacon, etc. We also offer fresh watermelon/cantaloupe, a variety of cookies, kettle chips, and lemonade to wash it all down. Or if you don’t want lemonade, we have awesome Elevation beers on tap or PBR and Miller Lite for sale. I’m not sure if other companies offer this sort of service, but I think it gives the customers a laid back feel. It’s nice to just relax and visit with each other after 3 hours of intense Colorado rafting! Book Now Calendar Book…

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June 27, 2013

I Love My Job!

Today has been a fantastic day here at American Adventure Expeditions. Mostly because our owner Mike got to get out on the river and guide his longtime friends today. It was also a coincidence that they were from Ohio and we got to talk about how much we DON’T want to leave Colorado any time soon. I think it’s also cool to have an owner who was and still is so pumped to get on the river whenever he gets a chance. Another thing I thought was interesting was the variety of rafting groups we have come in daily. I’ve seen church groups, science groups, boy scout groups, summer camp groups, and even groups wanting to film documentaries. I guess I find it so cool because there’s nothing like this around me back home; everyone’s so adventurous here. It’s awesome!…

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June 22, 2013

Staff Updates – We Love Reviews!

Today I received an interesting project from one of my managers. I was instructed to look and Yelp and TripAdvisor and get updates on our recent reviews. I never really think to look at these on my own time because I basically live with the people I work with. However, it was SO cool to hear what families had to say about our staff, facilities, and especially our guides. I’m so used to taking Colorado rafting trips by now that it’s easy to forget that most of these families have never been rafting before and almost always have an unforgettable trip. Anyway, I printed off all the reviews and hung them up for everyone to see. All the guides were pumped to read them, and it got them super excited about their afternoon trips. I think websites like Yelp and…

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June 20, 2013

Ride with AAE Owner, Mike Kissack

Just a day in the life of AAE owner Mike Kissack.  We usually spend quite a bit of time in the office checking people in, managing guides and running our amazing business.  However, there are our favorite days when we get to get out and ride the rapids with some of our wonderful guests. Check out Mike with a group hauling down Brown’s Canyon this summer.

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August 25, 2010

Here it comes!

One of the hardest things about writing this newsletter each month is deciding on a topic.  The difficulty usually lies in having too much, not too little, to write about.  Whether it’s things going on at AAE, recent travel adventures, or updates on your favorite guides, each month I have to decide what will be most relevant and interesting to you, the reader.  However, every May, it’s kind of a no-brainer for me…I write about high water! During high-water raft guides get that same feeling that we used to have at Christmas as children.  We’re filled with anticipation, excitement, and sheer bliss, just waiting for that time when Mother Nature melts all of that beautiful Colorado snow which fills our rivers and becomes world-class whitewater. Although pinpointing the actual ‘peak day’ (when the water level will be the highest) is not an exact…

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May 24, 2010

Training Day For Colorado Rafting Guides

‘Shocked’ is exactly the word I would use to describe the look on our first-year guide trainees faces when they arrived at our headquarters in Buena Vista, CO a week ago today.  These 15 trainees (hand-picked by Mike & Paul from over 200 applicants) come to us from all over the country (Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, Nebraska, and Oregon just to name a few states!) and have just found themselves in a small mountain town right smack dab in the middle of Colorado’s high country….priceless! Most of these guys were here for less than 24 hours before they started their three week intensive guide training program.  This program includes 100+ hours of on-the-water training.  We’re not talking about going on a bunch of nice & mellow rafting trips here…these guys scout, dissect, and take turns running each and every rapid on this river over and over and…

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May 24, 2010