6 Rafting Halloween Costumes to Rock This Year

You only date people who can handle at least a Class 3 rapids. You have dreams about eddies and waves. Your bumper sticker says: “I’d rather be whitewater rafting”. To say you’re a fan of white water rafting is an understatement!

If you just can’t get enough of the adventure and excitement whitewater rafting brings, keep the rafting vibe alive with these six rafting Halloween costumes that you can make at home.

A Raft Guide

raft guide halloween costumes

The go-to rafting Halloween costume is, of course, a raft guide. Confident, powerful, and ready to command the rapids, dressing up as a raft guide will likely let you cut the line at any crowded Halloween party.

What you need: The usual guide accessories, which include a helmet or hat, life vest, well-worn fast-drying clothing, sunglasses, notable arm muscles, and a smile. The smile is a key feature, as guides have one of the coolest jobs in the world.

A Zombie Raft Guide

Well, it is Halloween, after all. This costume will probably let you and six others cut the line at crowded parties. Pair your costumes with a limping gait and the uncontrollable urge for brains and rapids.

What you need: All of the raft guide costume accessories, plus a big dose of fake blood and pale makeup to smear all over your arms, hands, and face.

A Raft

An essential part of every rafting trip, dressing up as a raft is a quick and easy way to show the world your love for riding the rapids. As an added bonus, this getup is super easy to make and allows you to wear any clothes you want underneath.

What you need: Fashion a cardboard cutout of a raft to wear in front of your body. Use yellow spray paint and black paint markers to paint the cardboard to look like a raft. Punch two holes in the cardboard, and tie a loop of rope to secure the cutout to your neck. For extra authenticity, carry a couple of paddles with you.

Whitewater River Rapid

One of the best rafting Halloween costumes if you’re into sound effects, dressing up as a rapid takes a bit of sound, skill, creativity, and an ongoing waving motion of your arms.

What you need: Find or make some blue and white tie-dyed sheets to drape around your body and over the top of your head. Use safety pins to secure the sheets, and paint your face with wavy blue and white stripes.

Use a portable speaker to play the sound of white water rapids, or use your sound effect skills to mimic the noise of rushing water. Wave arms as desired to match the rushing water sounds.

A Boulder

If dressing up as rapids is too complex and movement-oriented, you can always go as a boulder. These rocks found in rivers everywhere count as a rafting costume, but they certainly don’t require a night-long arm workout. Added benefit: Ability to sit in the corner for hours without moving.

What you need: Find a large, dented cardboard box, and cut a hole in top side to stick your head through. Use grey spray paint for box exterior, and black paint markers to make pocks, marks, and rock-like lines on grey box. Wear grey pants and shirt to match the box.

An Oar

Tall and skinny folks have it made when it comes to the ideal rafting getup – transform into an oar! Since one oar isn’t very useful on a whitewater rafting trip, you may want to consider dressing up as a group of oars with your pals, or as a pair of oars with your significant other.

What you need: Wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt in a royal blue color. Craft a cardboard cutout in the shape of oar blade, with a circular hole in the center so you can wear the blade around your face. Spray paint your oar blade with yellow spray paint, and paint your face yellow to match the blade.

Showing off your love for riding the rapids this Halloween only takes a few key pieces and a DIY attitude. Whether you lead the party as a guide or relax in the corner as a boulder, make sure to bring along your sense of adventure, as that’s always part of the whitewater rafting – and Halloween – experience!

Need a bit of additional inspiration? Check out whitewater rafting trips and tips from American Adventure Expeditions.

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