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10 Signs You’re A Raft Guide

group posing for photo

You know you are a raft guide when… 1.You wear Chacos everyday, all day. Even if it is raining. 2. You own a million different lotions because your skin is so dry from being on the river all day, everyday.  3. You haven’t taken a shower in at least a week. 4. You see a…

Weekend Recap: Vertex Festival 2016


For the first time, the Vertex Festival took place in Buena Vista, CO this past weekend, August 5 – 7. The festival not only showcased headliners such as Gramatik, Alabama Shakes, Odesza and Lettuce, but was complete with interactive art installations, three different stages, morning yoga sessions, a beach party area and a silent disco…

The Rumors Are True: The Numbers Are A Colorado Must Do


The Numbers, a stretch of epic whitewater just north of our Buena Vista Outpost, is some of the raddest and most incredible whitewater in North America! The Numbers is an 8-mile Class IV/V (advanced) section on the Arkansas River located 10 miles north of Buena Vista, Colorado, and is widely considered to be one of the most…

The Majesty of National Monuments

Browns Canyon

Browns Canyon of the Arkansas River is a unique – even for Colorado – ecosystem that provides outstanding fish and wildlife habitat, sweeping views of the Arkansas Valley as well as four-season recreation opportunities for people to explore the outdoors and experience the area’s scenery and solitude. Browns Canyon

What Is Whitewater, Anyway?

whitewater peak waves

whitewater, paddlerGood question! Whitewater, sometimes spelled white water, is a descriptive term used to describe what happens on the surface or a river when its’ gradient increases enough to create turbulence. As flowing water splashes over and around rocks…

Class IV + V Rapids on the Arkansas River

Did you know the Arkansas River actually starts in Colorado? It begins just north of Buena Vista and Leadville, near The NumbersFremont Pass, and plunges over 5,000 feet in its first 125 miles. This is where you will find…

If you can’t take the heat…Get outta the kitchen!


Entering our fifth year of ownership here at AAE, I’m not sure if we can still consider ourselves new business owners anymore.  Regardless, we continue to learn at an amazing pace.  The old saying ‘if I knew then, what I know now’ has never rang so true, as it has for us over the past…