Enjoy the Holiday Weekend With AAE!

It’s been a great day here at AAE! The water levels are fantastic and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off this Holiday weekend with full rafting trips through Sunday, making for a great 4th of July weekend! Out here we eat, breathe, and sleep rafting! Today we had Planet Hockey come through along with the Texas Longhorn Rangers and were able to take some youngsters out Colorado rafting for their first time. It is always great to see younger kids and adults enjoy it out there on the Arkansas River. Sparking the interest in so many young minds, hoping that they one day will bring their friends and family on a trip with us. As the temperature warms up the busy we are it seems. This month is packed full some neat activities going on around Buena Vista. We will be having a rodeo come through in a few weeks and some other great festivals to come check out! Come Buena Vista rafting with us and check out what this beautiful area has to offer!

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