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River Adventures From $45

Colorado white water rafting is an unforgettable adventure for families and thrill-seekers alike! This exciting activity is the most popular summertime experience that our beautiful state has to offer.

Mountain Adventures From $70

We’ve created a variety of expeditions off-river to suite all types of adventure seekers: we zipline, we ATV, we ride horseback, and more! Add one of these to your list for the perfect Colorado vacation.

Adventure Packages From $112

With so much to do why choose just one adventure? Package a world-class rafting adventure with one of our amazing mountain activities for a full day of Colorado excitement!
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White Water Rafting

As Colorado’s leaders in whitewater hospitality, we at American Adventure Expeditions go the extra mile to make our guests feel welcome, wanted, and comfortable. Our experienced staff is prepared to answer all of your questions about our thrilling escapades, address any concerns, and exceed all expectations throughout your entire experience with us! From the first phone call to the last paddle ‘high-five’ at the end of your Colorado river rafting trip, we spare no expense when it comes to your comfort, safety, and enjoyment! That’s what we’re all about.

For the upcoming season of rafting in Colorado, American Adventures has a plethora of adventure offerings! In addition to our amazing staple service of white water rafting down Colorado’s favorite river, we also offer Mountain Adventures and Adventure Packages, so no matter your desired level of adventure we have something for everyone!  Whether it’s a Horseback Ride along the base of the Continental Divide,  a Zipline adventure across ‘The Lost Canyon’, or an ATV Tour through the Colorado back-country , we offer these and more! Our Adventure Packages entail exciting Arkansas River trips combined with any of our Mountain Adventures and a Gourmet Riverside BBQ lunch!  Whether you’re looking for an adventure on the land, through the air, or in the water, American Adventure Expeditions offers the best activities available in Colorado!


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