The Royal Gorge Rafting Experience

The Royal Gorge whitewater rafting experience is so popular that it is known as one of the top ten best whitewater rafting runs in the entire country- and it’s not hard to figure out why!  Royal Gorge river rafting gives you the best of both worlds: beauty and excitement.  Crashing through these incredible rapids will leave you soaked and filled with adrenaline; all while viewing the remarkable 1,000 foot high canyon walls that surround you.  Look straight up, and you will see the highest suspension bridge in the world- standing at over 1,100 feet high.  It’s time to get out and experience the beauty Colorado has to offer, and there is no better way than with Royal Gorge Rafting.  Let American Adventure Expeditions take you on an adventure you will never forget!  Book your Royal Gorge white water rafting trip today!

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